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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Is the EU making war with Iran more likely (II)

Just noticed some more worrying news from yesterday’s FT. Apparently Eon, Germany’s biggest importer of natural gas, is pursuing its first gas supply contract with Iran. The company told the paper: “One of the producer countries is, of course, Iran.” But it’s not just the Germans. Centrica, the UK’s biggest residential energy supplier, also has said it was looking at Iran as a potential source of gas supplies.

A British official said, “No one is discussing full-blown trade and economic sanctions at this stage. All we can do is to suggest to companies that when they are looking at the Iranian market that they want to bear in mind that Iran is essentially in the international dock. Is it a good investment prospect at this particular point in time?”

Despite being seen as a risky investment Iran has also attracted AngloDutch Royal Dutch Shell and Spain’s Repsol as potential foreign partners in its Persian Liquid Natural Gas project, and Total of France and Malaysia’s Petronas for its Pars LNG project.

Not exactly a joined up foreign policy...

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Please sign petition to Shell to stop doing business with terrorist regime of Iran!

If you have a website, please feel free to post the petition.