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Saturday, October 06, 2007

The Constitution lives on

Just digging through the new version of the treaty which came out today.

There are lots of little changes which will need looking at more to figure out what they mean.

But one change they should have made is missing - even in the new draft it still mistakenly talks about itself as "the Constitution" at one point (Article 188c.6).



Zbigniew Mazurak said...

I would like to comment on the Analysis of the EU Reform Treaty.

Commenting on the EU President, the author of the analysis said that,

'Integrationists want the EU president to be elected directly, just like the President of the US'.

But this is not true. The President of the US is NOT elected directly; he/she is elected by the Electoral College which is elected by voters. To win, a candidate only needs to receive the majority of the Electors' votes. He/she does not need to receive the majority of popular vote. This happened most recently 7 years ago, when the incumbent POTUS was elected, as the recipient of most EC votes, even though most American adults voted for his opponnent Al Gore.

Secondly, the analysis says that the BBC's analysis of the EU Reform Treaty (TFEU) is impartial, which it is not, so that assessment of the BBC's analysis should be deleted. The BBC has, as it often does, understated the treaty, to fool British citizens to think that it is just an Amending Treaty rather than the second version of the Euroconstitution. It says, for example, that Britain and France will not lose their UNSC seats.

eulawblogger said...

The BBC is exactly right on that point, as the UK and France will not lose their Security Council seats. Could you please point us to the exact Treaty Article which you think provides otherwise?

Anonymous said...

The BBC is exactly WRONG. The UK and France WILL de facto lose their SC seats immediately.

The seats will be, at least temporarily, be formally owned by the UK and France, and marked 'UK' and 'France', but only the EUSSR Foreign Minister, Javier Solana, will be allowed to speak from either seat.

The Amending Treaty (I don't remember the article numbers exactly but they are irrelevant), AKA the Euroconstitution, says no less than 3 times that the EU enjoys absolute power on foreign policy and defence. It also says that if the EU has a prerogative in an area, member states DO NOT.

Open Europe is, as always, understating the EU threat, telling people what the EU WAS like 10 years ago. It is clear that OE has not yet understood what the EU's real plan is. And by the time it finally understands, it will be too late.