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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Open Europe depicts EU leaders campaigning to "ignore the Irish"

Open Europe and friends from around Europe staged a protest in Brussels today against the ratification of the Lisbon Treaty. Nicolas Sarkozy seemed particularly keen to ignore the Irish...


One Man said...

The Empire Strikes Back.

May the force be with us...


Anonymous said...

These "assurances" are not legally binding. To make a legally binding change to the Lisbon Treaty would involve re-drafting and then re-ratifying the treaty in all member states. This is a hollow promise. As Samuel Goldwyn said of verbal agreements, they're not worth the paper they're written on.

Ireland, please do not vote for a chocolate fireguard.

Chiarina said...

Good job -- wish I could be there to participate.

Anonymous said...

The nerve of political leaders who criticise Ireland for being the only one of twenty seven who actually have an honest conclusion based on a democratic vote is breathtaking. Gordon Brown knows perfectly well that a referendum in the UK would have the same result, which is why he won't have one. This lack of democracy combined with deceitful politics bodes ill for the future of Europe. I know that I am one of a very large number increasingly frustrated with this determination of European politicians to force through their personal visions against the will of an increasing majority who think that they are wrong. This has to stop before we become the same kind of dictatorship that it took 50 years of Cold War to defeat in Eastern Europe. We are heading that way.

George Peckham said...

To try to force a second vote in Ireland seems to me to smack of the little child who because he can't get his own way will scream and stamp it's feet till everybody gives in, surely this is not what the EU should be about, if someone has an opinion and it doesn't coincide with their own DO NOT TRY TO FORCE YOUR OWN OPINION ON THEM THEY DO HAVE THE RIGHT OF A CHOICE. Just stop acting like GOD and allow others the space they deserve and a choice too.
George Peckham.