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Friday, December 17, 2010

What should Cameron be pushing for at the EU summit?

We answer that question over on the Spectator's Coffee House blog - read it here.

1 comment:

Johnepayne said...


David Cameron should have Britain named as being excluded from the Lisbon Treaty saying to all who approve that "The Euro will be the currency of the European Union.

The Lisbon Treaty is to be changed but David Cameron will continue to claim that it is okay not to have a referendum, as it does not affect Britain, because we are not in the Euro. Rubbish, he is endorsing a Treaty, which states the currency of Britain will eventually become the Euro. No good saying we will have a referendum, that is a weak excuse, and not legally binding on all politicians. However, the endorsing of the Lisbon Treaty and its Euro currency statement is, and will be, legally binding.

David Cameron should be asked, together with the Conservative Party: Does he believe in a United States of Europe? If he does, then why is he stating he will not give up any more sovereignty? If he does not believe in a United States of Europe then, why is he continuing to assist Europe in becoming a European State?"

John E Payne