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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Speak up

Dull press releases of the world unite. The European Movement is planning to launch a new "Speak up Europe" campaign later in the week, as part of the EU's ridiculous "plan D for democracy" initiative.

According to the blurb, as a symbol of their passionate desire to reach out to real people they are going to be working with lots of other groups:

One of the strong elements of the Speak up Europe campaign is also the extensive partnership supporting it. A large international partnership was involved in the planning and will subsequently take care of the implementation: European Movement International (EMI), Fondation EurActiv, Young European Federalists (JEF), Union of European Federalists (UEF) and European Students' Forum (AEGEE).

In other words - Brussels loons talking to other Brussels-based acronym-loving loons.

Just slightly annoying that we have to pay for them to come up with this rubbish.


T said...

Excuse me, what do you base your biased opinion on? How well do you know the membership structure of AEGEE to dismiss it as "Brussels loons"? Unlike you, AEGEE has got tens of thousands members all over Europe. I feel some Little Englanders are writing these posts...

Honestly, do back your claims up.

Anonymous said...

Quite right, Tomás.

It appears that UK-based Brussels rantrag The Sprout has gone to the wall.

I wondered where its foam-flecked hacks had ended up, and now I know.

Here's a Zen question: if no-one comments on a blog, does it really exist?