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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Witches cash in on EU grants

From Ananova we hear that entrepreneurial Romanian witches - a recognised profession in the new member state - have expanded their operations since the country joined the EU.

(Stay with us - this is not some sort of Express style story about 'hordes' of Romanians with broomsticks boarding coaches heading for Victoria station.)

Apparently witches have found a lucrative new way of making money - concocting spells to help locals get EU grants.

According to Ananova: "Until now the country's witches have confined themselves to love potions and spells to get cows to produce more milk. But the EU expansion has seen funding for new projects flood into the country and now locals hoping to gain a slice of the action are turning to witches to boost their chances."

Witch Florica, from Pitesti in southern Romania, said: "It's a new type of spell that we had to work out of course.

"You cannot pretend you are a real witch if you cannot help a businessman get the European Union funds he wants. For example, only the other day I had a young businessman who came to me with his papers applying for European funds.

"I spread the cards on his documents, said my spells and splashed the papers with some potions. It only cost him about £40 for my charms but when he gets the money thanks to my spells he will be happy and I will be happy because he will bring me new customers."

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