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Monday, April 02, 2007

Sarko? Just say no.

More from France's leading economic liberal...

There is another possible policy. That is the policy of reciprocity – our markets are open to those who open theirs, but are closed to those who close theirs. It is the policy of refusing unfair competition, and putting up barriers to monetary, social and ecological dumping. It makes economic sense – it is morally normal that the products which do not respect environmental rules should have compensatory taxes. If a country produces while creating a lot of pollution, while in Europe the rules are strict, it is normal to tax the pollution contained in the imports coming from these countries.

If competition is unfair it is normal to put in place safeguard clauses as a way of putting on pressure in trade negotiation. It is why we absolutely need a Europe with a ‘community preference’.

The others say that agriculture is finished. A European Commissioner even took it upon herself at the beginning of last week to advise farmers to take a second job in order to survive in the future. I’ll say what I think: this declaration is perfectly scandalous. A farmer wants to make a living from his job as a farmer, and Europe needs its agriculture to ensure its food independence. Madame le commissaire would have done better to keep quiet.

Agriculture is the future… If I am elected I will not let the CAP serve as a bargaining chip in the WTO negotiations. The future of the Third World is not in the defeat of the European agricultural market. “


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