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Monday, May 14, 2007

How the times have changed

Many moons ago, when there were still people in Britain who thought that joining the euro was actually a good idea, this story that's just gone up on PA would have created a big fuss:

"Car giant Nissan has announced a deal with a developer which will see the creation of up to 4,000 jobs in Sunderland. The manufacturer will build a GBP4.5m extension to its Wearside plant, while property developers Wilton and Clugston will create a business park on another part of the Nissan site."

Those of you with long memories will no doubt recall that pro-euro campaigners used to make a great fuss about Nissan's repeated threats to leave Britain unless we joined up to the single currency. They used to tell us that the strong pound was ruining British business' competitiveness. They were wrong then and they're wrong now. According to the press release:

"The Sunderland factory has been Europe's most productive car plant for the past eight years".

Not expecting to see much coverage of this in tomorrow's papers...

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