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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Hewitt to chair Europe "manifesto committee"

Interesting snippet in this morning's Telegraph. Patricia Hewitt is leaving the Department of Health to chair a "manifesto committee" developing policy on Europe. A sign - according to the article - that Brown "may opt for an early general election." Its certainly true that the Labour Party does need to do some serious thinking on the EU.

Or could it be that Brown is preparing in case he has to back down and call a referendum? Back in 2005 Hewitt was widely tipped to become "referendum minister" (in the end the job was downgraded to Europe Minister and handed to Douglas Alexander).

Some of our readers might remember that her first move was to brief the press that she would launch the Yes campaign on VE day. It wasn't her finest moment, the Sun responded by mocking up a picture of Tony Blair doing a two-fingered salute to the Union Flag.

If Hewitt goes about her new job in the same style we might be in for some interesting times ahead...

1 comment:

John Page said...

I thought she wanted to spend more time with her sick mother in Australia? - which seemed to me an excellent notion.