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Sunday, January 13, 2008

As we predicted...

The media finally get interested:

Nicolas Sarkozy endorses Tony Blair in EU job

Tony Blair, president of Europe?

Blair kicks off campaign to become EU President

Tony Blair fuels European presidency speculation

Sarko said: 'He is intelligent, he is brave and he is a friend. We need him in Europe. How can we govern a continent of 450 million people if the President changes every six months and has to run his own country at the same time? I want a President chosen from the top - not a compromise candidate - who will serve for two-and-a-half years,' added Sarkozy.

According to the Guardian Jean-Pierre Rafarin is backing him too. And "At the end of this month, Blair will continue his campaign to win the leadership of Europe when he addresses a conference at the Sorbonne of Les Progressistes, a breakaway socialist party group which has joined Sarkozy's government."

Meanwhile Ahern's campaign for the job is being undermined by ongoing scandals...

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