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Monday, March 31, 2008

A diplomatic incident - or not

Peter Oborne's thesis about the emergence of an insulated "political class" is looking more and more bang on every day... now a lost bag is a "diplomatic incident."

As Richard North has pointed out, it tells you a lot about media priorities that T5 has been way higher up the bulletins than the new wave of fighting in Iraq.



David Miliband issued an appeal for Heathrow authorities to "get their act together" today after revealing that the Terminal 5 debacle had caused a diplomatic incident.

The Foreign Secretary said he had been approached by a furious counterpart during an informal gathering of EU ministers over the weekend.

The unnamed politician apparently lost his luggage while changing planes at Heathrow, and has been warned it may take "weeks" to locate.

Writing on his blog, Mr Miliband said he had been asked to express the man's anger to British Airways and operator BAA.

"One foreign minister I met at the informal meeting in Slovenia over the weekend has fallen victim to the Terminal 5 saga," he wrote.

"He arrived merely to transit, but his bags are nowhere to be seen and it was whispered that it might take weeks.

"He asked me to pass on a message to BA/BAA: 'For goodness' sake, get your act together'."

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