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Monday, April 14, 2008

Irish referendum games

The front page of the Irish Daily Mail today reports on a typically cynical leaked email from the Irish Foreign Office to the British Government, which shows that ministers are planning a deliberate campaign of misinformation to ensure that the Lisbon Treaty is passed in the upcoming referendum. Foreign Minister Dermot Ahern has apparently been personally assured by Margot Wallstrom that the EU Commission will “tone down or delay” any announcement from Brussels “that might be unhelpful.”

It also says that ministers ruled out an October referendum, which would have been better procedurally, out of fear of “unhelpful developments during the French presidency – particularly related to EU defence.” The email said “the risk of unhelpful developments during the French presidency – particularly related to EU defence – were just too great. Sarkozy was completely unpredictable.”

It also suggested that the Irish Government plans to keep people from analysing the details of the Treaty, saying, the “aim is to focus the campaign on overall benefits of the EU rather than the Treaty itself.”

Until now it had been widely assumed that the date of the referendum would be June 12. However, the memo throws this into uncertainty, admitting that the Government are playing trying to fool campaigners over the date of the referendum. It says: “Irish have picked 29 May for voting but will delay an announcement to keep the No camp guessing. The Taoiseach and (Dermot) Ahern saw a slight advantage in keeping the No camp guessing.”


SieBer00 said...

thanks for this. I use this informaiton with Austrian politicians. It might be too late, I don't know. Anyway, I am also trying to inform the Irish: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_QiQRRZE2c0

The Pub Consultancy Service said...

Dear friends in Ireland, Britain to has been denied the right to vote on this treaty. 400 million people in Europe want a vote. We have all been denied, but under your democratic system you can. Vote wisely. There are many things in the treaty that are to your detriment and frankly only to the advantage of countries like France and Germany. 3/4’s of the population of the EU states wants a no vote. You owe it to yourselves and to them to vote NO. If you need to know why, go to my website at http://www.freedom2choose.co.uk and watch a short video which has been kept away from the main stream media. The peoples of Europe are relying on you don’t let us down

Anonymous said...

My irish friends,

I'am french, et I just want to say, you're luckies to have the right to vote about europe!

My countrymen's would like ti refuse this threaty!

You have a great responsability, because only irish can sya NO!!

People of europe can be proud of their nationalites! irish keep irish! You're a great nation, as the French, italian, german...


Anonymous said...


Please say NO to that "secret", undemocratic Treaty!!!

In the name of all of us who can not be heard.
Save Europe from wild neo-liberalism.



Anonymous said...