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Monday, November 03, 2008

EU zombies react to credit crunch

Sainsbury's is challenging the EU to ditch its strict rules on the shape and size of fruit and veg, after it was told that a plan to sell Halloween 'zombie brains' cauliflowers, 'witches fingers' carrots and 'ogres toenails' cucumbers, as alternatives to sweets and chocolate, could result in individual employees being prosecuted under EU regulations.

A Sainsbury's spokesperson said:

"We have been struggling to fit a square peg in a round hole for too long now when it comes to conforming to the more controversial elements of the EU regulations. We're not allowed to use up to 20 per cent of what's produced in this country and in the current crunch climate, we cannot continue to waste this much food before it even leaves the farms. Buying wonky veg would have saved cash-strapped Britons up to 40 per cent on some items such as carrots. It not only saves money, it also reduces waste and supports our British farmers."

But don't worry - according to the Observer "The clamour for cheaper vegetables during the credit crunch has forced the EU to re-examine the regulations".

Except that, they only want to change the rules for 26 varieties. Oh, and the changes won't come into effect until July next year, by which time we could all be growing our own.

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