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Thursday, July 02, 2009

Bye bye Blair?

We have learnt from the Indy this morning that Tony Blair may not have the job as EU President as sewn up as he would like.

Despite reports last month that David Cameron had said he would "not oppose" Blair becoming the EU's first full-time President if the Lisbon Treaty is ratified this year, it will not all be plain sailing.

Nicolas Sarkozy has thrown his support behind Felipe Gonzalez, the former long-serving (13 years!) Spanish Prime Minister. Gonzalez's spokesman reportedly said that "M.Sarkozy is in favour of Mr Gonzalez's candidature once the Lisbon Treaty is passed."

The article cites Le Monde's former editor Jean-Marie Colombani saying that M. Sarkozy is the key to the power game and political horse-trading over who will eventually seize the job.

We should mention that Gonzalez has reportedly, however, said he does not aspire to the job, so it might still be a clear field for Blair all the way to Brussels...

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Im glad to here it, mind you i cant think of anyone else who would be any better, so they should scrap the whole idea