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Tuesday, August 04, 2009

A new level of ridiculousness

The other day we brought you news of the EU-sponsored conference ‘Promoting a creative generation - children and young people in the new culture and media landscape’. Experts gathered in Sweden last week to discuss "the creativity and cultural habits of children and young people."

We've just stumbled across some bizarre new detail of what went on:

"The conference will be attended by 350 delegates from across Europe and will provide an arena for policy discussions, along with flashmobs, guerrilla knitting and young silent theatre in locations including the Röhsska Museum, the Göteborg Opera and the Museum of World Culture."

Guerilla knitting eh? What the...?? If anyone has any idea what this is or why taxpayers are shelling out for it, please do let us know.


John McClane said...

I couldn't believe it. Guerilla knitting? WTF?

I googled it.

"knittivism: n 1 a doctrine emphasising vigorous or militant knitting activity, e.g. the use of knitting in mass demonstrations, urban interventions, in controversial, unusual or challenging ways, esp political, causes. 2 the systematic use of knitting for political ends. knittivist n and adj"

Well, you could have knocked me down with a feather.

All this time, getting angry, marching, demonstrating. Voting, even. When I could have stayed at home, knitting!

Open Europe blog team said...

Haha - thanks for that. See here for more: