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Monday, December 07, 2009

Campaign against EU ban on herbal medicine

Today, a campaign to 'save herbal medicine' was launched. Campaigners are calling on the Government to prevent herbal medicines disappearing from the high street when an EU ban comes into place in April 2011.

Save Herbal Medicine fears that much of the herbal medicine trade will be lost if EU legislation comes in, which states that only "statutorily regulated" professionals, such as doctors, would be able to prescribe the alternative remedies.

The EU Directive will restrict herbal medicines that can be supplied over-the-counter to licensed "traditional" medicines used to treat "mild and self-limiting" conditions.

Save Herbal Medicine is calling on the Department of Health to produce a statutory register for herbalists who meet certain standards, so that they would fall within the EU law.

It wants all herbalists who meet agreed standards of education and training, adhere to a strict Code of Ethics and Standards and who are properly insured, to be recognised.

The website notes:

"Please be clear, this issue is NOT about whether herbs work or not, the evidence is out there for all to determine this for themselves (we have links to resources on this web site), this is about YOUR FUNDAMENTAL BASIC HUMAN RIGHT to have a CHOICE. As things stand right now, your right to choose from a range of choices DISAPPEARS in April 2011."

See here for more: http://www.saveherbalmedicine.com/


Anonymous said...

Typical of the eussr micromanagement ideation, why should the plebs be allowed any choice other than to accept what these unelected failed politicians who make up the commission want to force on to us.

asdf said...

generally I think it is a good initiative to restrict the herbal medicine abuse and inadequate usage... thumbs up

D.R.Barnes said...

Where do you think all the medicines come from now, like Aspirin, Morphine which are essential for our hospitals, if they not are refined herbs with all the goodness taken out of them. Aspirin comes from the bark of a willow tree, Morphine comes from plants. So many medicines derive their origins from the plants and forests that we are so fast tearing down. Just like these ridiculous unelected bureaucrats in the Common Market, manifested without our consent into the EU. They have controllability in their minds instead of common sense and our rights in our own country. They wish to take away not only our rights to herbal medicines, but also all of our rights to choose

Anonymous said...

it is a very sad state of affairs when remedies that have been used for generations are to dissappear from being easily bought, one wonders if this will lead to people trying to harvest their own herbs/plants although getting the wrong plant could lead to serious health consequences. also how much have the large corporations such as pfizer and glaxo been contributing to mep's luxurious lifestyles?

Jennifer Parmour said...

Leave our herbs and healthy healing remedies alone EU! It is NYB what herbs we use to heal ourselves or what practitioner we use. When was the government so involved in our personal lives. The world is watching you. GET OUT of our face or GET OUT of the EU...!!!

Anonymous said...

herbal remedies have been around well before parliament and certainly well before any E U interference. It is against our "human rights" to take away our choice. What right have they to ignore what is after all someones own personal preference.

Anonymous said...

The directive was introduced in response to rising concern over adverse effects caused by herbal medicines.

As I recall those 'rising concerns' were entirely generated in media reports, sparked by a couple of extreme cases.

I have just received a wet response from the Lib Dem MEP - 'unfortunately the then Labour government agreed with EU restrictions'.

How do we effectively argue against this ignorance?

Unknown said...

Prediction: Everybody who knows about herbs (and NEEDS them) will find other ways to obtain them. The ignorant minority in power who haven't had cancer or IBS or MS or chronic illness and long term care and maintenance on herbs rather than dangerous pharmaceuticals, will be at a loss as to how to obtain the medicine that will help them when they most need it.

Buzzlebug said...

What I would like to know, is how they are going to enforce this ban without further overcrowding the prisons and costing the state. It is already the case that a number of people who have committed absolutely obscene crimes are getting off lightly due to there being so little room for them. This is not only going to generate a need for more wage paying (an increase in jobs due to deal with all the criminals who apparently so wrongly import and use/sell herbal medicines) and also for the expenses of testing and identifying all these substances that ebay alone is completely swamped with. This is one of the last rights we actually have and we cannot take this up the ass - we have the right to choose what we put into our bodies. Pharmaceutical medicines are responsible for a good number of deaths and this strategy does not work from the preventative perspective simply because illness is good for business - the second largest business on this planet.

Anonymous said...

Not all herbalists want Statutory Regulation which will take herbal medicine away from the people. See the original campaign www.saveourherbs.org.uk

Ken Crispin said...

Ken Crispin.

This is a simple case of human rights violation,and a prop by the chemical/pharmaceutical industry to force us to use their dirty expensive toxic so called medicine. "Its all about the money stupid." It is the God given right of any idividual to use any non toxic naturally occuring plant. The most significant error in this proped up regulation is that these same natural plants that can never be patented.So the pharma/chemical giants,cant control their regulation that way, to boost their price, so no real big money can be made from them.
So finally they had to engineer a way to regulate them another way and get rid of us using the cheap natural medicine. Now regulated by the braindead E.U. comission,they can charge any price they wish to for their chemically toxic medications.

"Its all about the money stupid",and we are stupid to let them control our options for alternative natural medications, whish I have been taking for 20yrs without any side affects whatsoever.

gexhouse2 said...

The EU Directive will restrict herbal medicines that can be supplied over-the-counter to licensed "traditional" medicines used to treat "mild and self-limiting" conditions.

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