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Wednesday, April 07, 2010

MEPs response to the downturn: ban work on Sundays

MEPs are an interesting lot. As we reported in our press summary a couple of weeks ago, a third of all MEPs have signed a petition, urging the Commission to include requirements for 'work-free Sundays' in its upcoming review of the Working Time Directive. In their declaration, the MEPs stated that the Commission should “protect Sunday, as a weekly rest day, in forthcoming national and EU working-time legislation in order to enhance the protection of workers' health and the reconciliation of work and family life.”

German Christian Democrat MEP Martin Kastler has also launched an online petition, trailing the citiziens' initiative created by the Lisbon Treaty (whereby one million signatures will require the Commission to consider a request for a legislative initative in some cases), to call for Sunday to me made a work-free day across the EU. The campaign is called "Mum and dad belong to us on Sunday." The petition has received some 13,000 signatures so far.

Now, few people like to work on Sundays and it's hard to argue against the need for some good, quality time with the family at least once a week. But come on, is this really something for the EU? And is banning work on Sundays what we need right now given the economic climate?


Jennsmuckler said...

Banning work on Sunday's should be an individual business initiative not the entire EU. There would be a lot is issues if no one worked on Sunday

Joe said...

Individual - in the sense that if one wants not to work on SUndays, don't TAKE THE JOB. Do these MEPS really believe that people are waifs who have no choices and are "assigned their jobs" ?!?