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Monday, June 28, 2010

And the European Parliament LUX prize goes to...

Yes, it's that time of year again: the European Parliament has announced its ten nominations to receive the prestigious European Parliament LUX film prize.

An EP press release informs us that:
The LUX Prize (in Latin, lux means light), was established in 2007, as a tangible symbol of the European Parliament’s commitment to the European film industry and its creative endeavours. No matter what individual, historical or social issue it illustrates, each film in the LUX Prize Official Selection gives a glimpse of Europeans — their lives, their convictions, their doubts, and their quest for identity.

To be eligible to the 2010 LUX Prize Official Selection, films must meet the following requirements: fiction or animation films or creative documentaries; a 60-minute minimum running time; illustrating or questioning the founding values of our European identity, Europe’s cultural diversity or providing insights into the debate on the EU integration process; productions or co-productions eligible for support from the MEDIA programme
Who possibly has the time and dedication to sift through at least 10 hours of films "providing insights into the debate on the EU integration process" we hear you cry.

Well no need to worry because the films will be shown in the European Parliament's Brussels premises from 26 October to 19 November. MEPs will then vote for the winning film, and the 2010 LUX Prize will be awarded on 24 November by the President of the European Parliament in Strasbourg.

The lucky winners will benefit from financial support to pay for subtitling in the 23 official languages of the EU, and for producing a 35 mm print for each EU Member State or supporting the subsequent DVD release.

For some reason the press release neglects to tell us how much of the EP's €2.25m budget for the "Organisation of seminars, symposia and cultural activities" will be spent on this essential contribution to European culture.


Bertrand Peltier said...

Please note that the annual budget of the European Parliament LUX Prize is of 250,000 euros, including the prize itself which of ca. 90,000 euros. Bertrand Peltier, Administrator, European Parliament.

Open Europe blog team said...

Thanks for letting us know.

In future, given the cuts to these kinds of things occurring elsewhere, especially the Film Council in the UK, wouldn’t it be a good idea if the costs of these projects were made more accessible (i.e. on the EP press releases promoting them) to EU citizens, who can then make up their own minds if their taxes should be paying for them.