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Friday, August 12, 2011

"Politicians, now what?"

This is the front page headline of tomorrow's Dutch magazine Elsevier.

The subtitle reads, "the best exit strategy is the break-up of the eurozone".

It seems that people are growing increasingly tired of waiting for an answer to the question and are more than happy to suggest their own solutions.

1 comment:

Rollo said...

Break up the Eurozone. This is so clearly the best strategy that it is astonishing it barely gets mentioned. George Osborne, the callow youth who is supposed to be in charge of our finances, but clearly does not know the difference between his wallet pocket and his elbow, is calling for federation in Europe. "The medicine of More Europe is failing, let's have more More Europe." It is about time that the Europhiles at the top of our government started to think about what is best for us, and for Europe, rather than dreaming of their post-government sinecures in Brussels.