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Monday, January 09, 2012

Leading by example...

Danish daily Politiken today informs us that the ongoing Danish Presidency of the EU - the Danes took over the rotating six-month EU chair on January 1 - will aim to be "one of the cheapest yet", with a budget of around €35 million.

In comparison:

The Polish Presidency in 2011: €115 million
The Hungarian Presidency in 2011: €81 million
The Belgian Presidency in 2010: €74 million
The Swedish Presidency in 2009: €42 million
The Danish Presidency in 2002 (the last time the country was at the helm): €52 million (2011 prices)

Dannie Kjeldgaard, professor in branding and marketing at Syddansk University, commented,
"The big story is currently that we need to save because of the crisis. Everyone tells us that we must save, and even people who don't have to save, still do it. Therefore it is prudent that the government takes the lead as it takes over the presidency. The wasting of taxpayers' money could otherwise turn in to a good media story."
Are the EU institutions taking note?


A Droyd said...

Fine words, but when did the over-weening EC civil service take any notice of the politicians?

Sheona said...

What is this budget spent on? Inviting all the other leaders to banquets, sorry summits? Or perhaps it's so the Danish PM can jet around like Sarkozy did pretending he ruled the world. Will Mrs Kinnock take husband and children and in-laws with her? Interesting that Poland and Hungary seem to have spent the most - with what results?