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Friday, March 02, 2012

Europe and the City

A write up from our event from earlier today is now online, featuring a highly interesting panel of speakers including Jonathan Faull, Director General for Internal Market and Services at the European Commission and Hannes Swoboda MEP, President of the European Socialists in the EP. The panellists were seeking to answer the question what impact the euro crisis will have on the UK financial services industry. Read the summary here.

We'll also upload a recording of the event shortly.

And while we're at it, a reminder of the report that we published in December, Continental Shift: Safeguarding the UK's financial trade in a changing Europe, which can be found here. The report certainly hasn't become any less relevant with the conclusion of today's EU summit...

1 comment:

Rik said...

The Dutch Populist part PVV today will publish a report on the costs for Holland of staying in the EZ.
It is probably in English as it is done by a London based organisation. Of which I forgot the name (as usual).
The first leaks (and a lot of them) are clear that is comes to the conclusion that leaving the EZ has a lot of financial advantages.
Please note it is a Populist part (so will likely be biased on issues, however the costs for the whole thing were exactly the same as I calculated). I basically calculated the costs of transferring the excess risk on Southern debt that makes interest rates demanded unsustainable.
So might give some useful insites.