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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Not quite a U-turn, but still big news from Monti

Speaking at the Council on Foreign Relations in New York, Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti has made an important announcement regarding his political future after next year's general elections.

He said,
Under special circumstances, which I hope won't occur, I may be asked to come back. I may consider this hypothesis, but I hope not to have to. 
And then went on, 
If requested by [Italian] political forces, I'm available for a second mandate. 
By far the most explicit declaration of intent made by Monti during his time as Italian Prime Minister. But this is not strictly speaking a U-turn. What Monti has said so far (most recently in an interview with the CNN two days ago) is that he will not run in next year's general elections.

However (as we suggested here), he may be willing to stay on, if needed, as the head of a broad coalition of reformist parties.

We're now awaiting the official confirmation of Berlusconi's comeback? 

1 comment:

Rollo said...

Here is Monti's big idea: get someone else to bail out Italy and Italian banks, with no terms and conditions. Good idea, Monti, I'd go for that if I was in your fantasy land.