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Thursday, January 31, 2013

The EU budget veto threat festival kicks off again

Remember our EU budget 'veto team'? Well, the next European Council summit - entirely devoted to negotiations over the 2014-2020 EU budget - is only one week away, and the sequence of veto threats may have just begun all over again.

Guess who fired the starting gun (clue: not David Cameron)? It was Italy's outgoing Prime Minister Mario Monti. He told a conference in Brussels yesterday,
“There would be no coherence between what everyone is saying about the need for growth and the adoption of an inadequate [long-term EU] budget…The orgy of cuts that certain countries want to apply is inconsistent. Therefore, I’m not sure that it would be irresponsible for a country to disagree with a budget proposal which is inadequate.” 
That is, a veto threat, Monti-style. This has just started, so keep following us on Twitter @OpenEurope for real-time updates.


Rollo said...

A threat in nuspeak. After the huge need for austerity in Italy, an Italian demanding extra money for Brussels seems incongruous: the man is obviuosly aware that he will not be in politics in Italy come the next election, so he is licking the bottoms in Brussels to give himself a new life after death perhaps?

christina speight said...

Don't forget that as an ex-Commissioer he gets a pension AND has made a promise upon which the pension is dependent that he will support the EU. [how that's defined GOK!!!]

Rik said...

A lot of media events planned for Dave's 'Great 2015 Reelection Tour':

Anonymous said...

Our government cannot grant the EU a budget increase when the UK public are experiencing cuts. A failure in this regard, is for me, an act of treason which politicians must be held accountable for.

We cannot and must not be treated like second class citizens in our own country. UKIP for me until I get my Referndum.

It amazes me to see how one little fib is now skewing so much of our lives. Get us out of this undemocratic and ongoing socialist disaster.