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Friday, February 01, 2013

Dutch PM and FM reiterate the Netherlands' desire for flexible Europe

The concept of a 'flexible Europe' seems to translate across borders. In a joint letter to the Dutch Parliament, Prime Minister Mark Rutte and Finance Minister Jeroen Dijsselbloem have reiterated the government's position that it wants countries to have the right to opt out of individual EU policies, such as the Schengen zone and the eurozone, or from the EU altogether.

Here are the relevant bits from the letter:
"Following the request by member Schouten to the Finance Minister and the Prime Minister (issue number 2013Z01025) for a letter about the exit from the eurozone, we report as following.  
The cabinet introduced in its coalition agreement that it should be possible under mutual consideration to exit from the community arrangements (Schengen, eurozone, European Union). This requires in the case of the eurozone and Schengen a treaty change as the current EU treaty does not foresee this possibility."


Denis Cooper said...

Cameron does not support the idea of an EU treaty change to permit a country to leave the eurozone without also having to leave the EU.

Instead he prefers the current position whereby a country which has joined the euro must stay in it forever, and the eight non-euro EU member states which are under a legal obligation to join the euro must do so, and all new EU member states must have that same legal obligation imposed through their treaties of accession to the EU.

So that eventually a future UK government of whichever party can argue that the UK has become "isolated" inside the EU but outside the euro and that is no longer a tenable position, and then announce that it is taking us into the euro, with or without a referendum.

How can we tell this?

Simply by looking at what Cameron has said and done since he became Prime Minister.

christina speight said...

I think Dennis might have better worded that conclusion as "Simply by comparing what Cameron has said with what he has done since he fought the last election"

He is well-known for breaking his promises and the forthcoming supposed referendum won't happen (just like the last one) , and here's another - - -"

Cameron was being interviewed 3 days before polling day by Sky News, and was asked a direct question about whether he would introduce gay marriage. He said: “I am not planning that.”

It is outrageous that Mr Cameron went on TV just three days before a general election and told voters one thing, but did the exact opposite once inside Downing Street. His manifesto at the election was silent, so he has no mandate to redefine marriage. His only mandate is to defend traditional marriage.

He is the devious politician that I, in a long life, have encountered so I believe any dastardly tricks are highly likely. He is perfect material for a senior eurocrat which is probably what will happen unless we can shoot his fox by leaving altogether first.

Rollo said...

The EU is scelerotic and arthritic and will never be flexible. It has the mentatlity of the Politburo. If the Dutch have any sense, they will join us in the exit.

Rik said...

Have a look at today's lettre Mr Buma (Dutch MP (party leader) for the sisterparty of the CDU, the CDA) on this sisue (to Rutte).
He mentions fields in which powers should be brought back from Brussels.