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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Cameron: Before the 2015 election, we will do everything we can to make an EU referendum the law

David Cameron just sent out this note to Conservative members and activists:
In January, I set out our party’s position on Europe. I made clear that the EU needed fundamental, far reaching change - and that Britain would lead the way in negotiating that reform. I also promised an In-Out referendum once those negotiations were complete, and at any event by the end of 2017.

That's the right time to have a vote - it is wrong to ask people whether to stay or go before we have had a chance to put the relationship right. But make no mistake - my commitment to a referendum is absolute. If I am Prime Minister after the next election, there will be an In-Out referendum. No ifs, no buts. And before the 2015 election, we will do everything we can to make it the law. That’s why today the Conservative Party is publishing a draft bill that would legislate for a referendum by the end of 2017.

We understand that we are in a Coalition government - but we are going to examine every opportunity to bring it before Parliament and try to get it on the statute book. For too long the British people have had no say about their future in Europe. I am absolutely determined to put that right. Our action today is further proof we’re serious. You can pledge your support for the bill here. 
So does the "if I become Prime Minister" include also being a PM in a coalition? 


Blogger said...

But no mention in the bill about any *action* based on the *result* of the referendum...

Its just a very expensive poll.

No mention of required turn out or whether simple majority means anything etc...

Cameron really is playing everyone for even greater muppets than he has being so far!

Rik said...

THIS referendum will never be. This law (proposal) well never make it to law. It will always be a new referendum seen the political situation at the moment.
The only things it does is being a media event and somewhat determining the form of a real referendum.

So it is not an expensive poll.

Referenda donot come falling from the sky. They have to be embedded properly in the Constitutional enviroment of the country involved.
As far as I understand it isnot (yet) in the UK.
Which leaves 2 ways open adjust the referendum rules first or assume that it will be political suicide to go the other way. The latter way looks way more practical. Law is there not only for a one time event, which opens another can of worms.

Rollo said...

Why does he not give us a "CAST IRON PLEDGE"? Then we would know for certain that he is lying.

CrazyRev said...

"No ifs, no buts." However, that statement comes immediately after: "If I am Prime Minister after the next election, there will be an In-Out referendum."

Am I missing something - or is Cameron, as usual, talking through a hole in his head that is not his mouth?!

Freedom Lover said...

The UK has just been outvoted over a €7.3bn top-up to the 2013 EU budget, despite the UK (& also Finland and the Netherlands) voting against it. While the UK’s share of this additional funding will be around €1bn, the EU's requests could increase to about €1.5 bn as the EU's total requests are actually €11.2bn.

How should Britain react? The government should call an immediate referendum asking the people whether we should pay this extra imposte, or not. If they say "No" (very likely, in fact), & the EU then over-rules or dis-regards our referendum, then the UK's reaction should be instant. The invocation of the Lisbon Treaty's EU-leaving clause - Article 50!

denbo said...

"...If I am Prime Minister after the next election, there will be an In-Out referendum. No ifs, no buts...."

"Iron Clad Cameron" strikes again.