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Saturday, August 30, 2014

EU top jobs summit has kicked off: here is a round-up of doorstep declarations

EU leaders have all arrived in Brussels for today's summit. There are two big issues on the table: the appointments of the next European Council President and High Representative for Foreign Affairs; and the worsening situation in Ukraine (although the situation in the Middle East is also bound to come up).

Here's a round-up of what EU leaders said upon arrival. Let's start with the assignment of the remaining EU top jobs. Italian Foreign Minister Federica Mogherini and Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk are the frontrunners for the posts of High Representative and European Council President respectively. However, Mogherini's appointment looks more like a done deal than Tusk's - at least from EU leaders' doorstep declarations:

Mogherini has travelled to Brussels herself, and has met European Commission President-elect Jean-Claude Juncker - possibly a further sign her appointment is drawing closer. Tusk walked into the European Council building without saying a word, although reportedly with a smile on his face.

Meanwhile, it seems no decision will be made on the name of the next President of the Eurogroup of eurozone finance ministers:

As regards Ukraine, a few EU leaders stressed the need for a reaction if Russia does nothing to de-escalate the situation. However, the emphasis has significantly differed from one leader to another: 

And that's all for the moment. The summit is under way, and we will continue monitoring it. Follow us on Twitter @OpenEurope, @pswidlicki and @LondonerVince for real-time updates and analysis.

1 comment:

R Davis said...

I am looking at the video of the old men & women of yesterday & their lackeys.
These are the people who lead affairs in the big bad world?
Very cushy & lush, considering the poverty & misery they have thrust upon the world at large.
These are the people of yesterday & yesterday has gone.
It is a brave new world out there, a new business mindset with no room for all of the above.
Oh, it will take some time, but for the most part it is over.