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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Open Europe embraces digital change

Open Europe has moved. We are revamping and massively upgrading our digital presence to become even better. Enjoy our new website, where it will be easier for you to consume, share and engage.
  • You’ll find our Blog in our new Open Europe Today channel, the go-to source for fast EU analysis. You can subscribe directly to our blog via the RSS feed - our old blog will not be updated anymore, but it will stay where it is for reference.  
  • You can cut through the chatter by signing up to The Daily Shakeup (formerly known as the daily press summary) to get the latest developments from across Europe. 
  • Our research, proposing solutions to the EU’s most pressing challenges, is now fully accessible on the Open Europe Intelligence channel.
  • And Open Europe Action is where you can engage with our Events and Campaigns, as we drive change in Europe.

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