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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Brown reiterates Lisbon remains unchanged

According to PA, Gordon Brown today confirmed in Parliament that the 'guarantees' given to Ireland would "clarify but not change" the Lisbon Treaty.

David Cameron pointed out that the claim that the guarantees made no change to the Treaty would be received with "great interest" by the Irish people.

He also demanded:

"Why are Irish voters being forced to give their views twice when the British people haven't been asked for their views once? Will you explain why the protocols won't be debated or put into place until the next countries join the EU. Isn't it the case the Government wants to delay this until after the next election. They don't want the embarrassment of having to vote yet again in the Commons to deny people the referendum they originally promised."

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

If it doesn't change the constituion/lisbon treaty then there is no need to force the Irish to vote again, until they get it right, and the treaty/constitution should now be binned. Somehow I don't expect the self serving politicians to see it that way, after all they are the ones who benefit from this, not us the plebs.