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Thursday, June 04, 2009

MEPs cost taxpayers five times more than UK MPs

Amid the ongoing 'expenses scandal', and on the day of elections to the European Parliament, we've published a comparison between the cost of the European Parliament and the cost of the UK Parliament.

We've found that the European Parliament costs taxpayers a staggering £1.8 million for each MEP per year. This is in contrast to the House of Commons, which costs taxpayers £364,000 for each member per year, and the House of Lords, which costs £208,000 per member per year.

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Anonymous said...

So an average British citizen (along with rest of the EU) pays £0,0036 per year for one MEP while an average British citizen pays £0,0059 per year for one MP.

Did I miss anything?

Open Europe blog team said...

On that logic, let's pay them double, tripe, ten times what they currently get. At what point would you draw the line? At what point, for you, does the value for money consideration kick in?