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Friday, November 10, 2006

A load of soft propaganda

The Commission have started spending a whole lot more on web-based propaganda. Their jazzy new EU culture website has blogs and everything. Sadly the content is the same mix of:

(a) the slightly desperate:
"Over the summer I met someone who although resolutely eurosceptic has the practical drive to know that if EU funding can help the causes he believes in then good use should be made of what is on offer"
(b) meaningless pap
"Europe's cafés seduce us with the wealth and variety of their cuisine. Thanks to The Institute of the Regions of Europe and its Cafés d'Europe project, we can offer you recipes for typical cakes and desserts from 27 European countries."
Yep, thanks for that.

Sorry to be boring, and to keep coming back to first principles. But why should people pay taxes to fund political propaganda about how great the EU is?


Anonymous said...

This is taken from the bumph on the EU Culture site (the lead story, by Caroline Boyle): "Many friends and volunteers support them [a community project in Lambeth] - notably the local MP Kate Hoey and they have benefited from funding from the European Social Fund."

Boyle may well wish to investigate Kate Hoey's attitude to the EU and further integration in particular (she was a member of the No Campaign, which was against the proposed Constitution) before she corrals her by association into supporting the EU and all its works.

Hoey is pro-local initiative (after all, she's an excellent MP), but anti an organisation - the EU - that charges to ride on the coat tails of such community projects. For every pound that that initiative in Lambeth has received, we will have paid out 2.40 GBP to Brussels.

Try again, Boyle.

T said...

Why is noone protesting at the NATOs Public Diplomacy Division? Why is noone protesting at the socialising power of the British government, employed through education, which leeds children to be loyal to their Nation?