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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Gizzajob mister

From the Herald - Mandelson is backing Cameron's "3G" agenda to the hilt... he just thinks that he needs to sign up to a new EU Constitution to achieve it.

Peter Mandelson, EU trade Commissioner, said he agreed with Mr Cameron's globalisation agenda but said the Tory leader risked denying the means needed to achieve globalisation goals.

"The EU needs to be properly equipped to fulfil its role in relation to the global economy, global warming, and global poverty. This requires rule-book changes. Few in Europe are advocating a whole new constitution but we should acknowledge the difference between this and the more limited institutional reform needed to create a more effective EU," Mr Mandelson said.

1 comment:

currant bun said...

He is like a fucking shivver looking for a spine to run up. I'm sure he will be in the first Cameron cabinet.