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Friday, March 30, 2007

pro-euro astroturfing

Get out there and get posting, say the Labour Movement for Europe.


Mark Mardell's blog seems to be the top target.


Stuart Coster said...

What's telling is how it tends to be the EU-critical blogs that are the most open to comments and debate over their postings.

Eurosceptics thrive on it, so bring it on LME. But the 1950s EU obsessives seem to fear open debate.

Eh, Mr Corbett?

Anonymous said...

I'm not surprised Corbett doesn't turn comments on, given the kind of cheap abuse hurled around on other eurosceptic sites, where astroturfing and sockpuppetry seem to be common.

Isn't it strange that the Open Europe blog doesn't feature on the LME page? And that David Rennie's blog is still featured, even though he left the Telegraph some time ago?

Could it be that the anonymous "Open Europe blog team" have happened across an out-of-date page?