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Tuesday, August 05, 2008


What a load of utter rubbish the so-called "Centre for European Reform" spout:

Eurosceptics make a good point when they argue that the EU should concentrate on external challenges like climate change, energy security, migration and global trade. But Ireland's vote against the Lisbon treaty means that the EU now has to devote more time and energy to sorting out its rules and institutions. Those who urge the EU to look outwards but celebrate the Irish No are inconsistent and hypocritical.

Clearly the possibility of actually accepting the result of three referendums and dropping the treaty has simply never occurred to them.

In reality the CER was never about trying to change Brussels (which has, after all, generously funded them). It is all about trying to sell Brussels to Britain. We don't think people are buying it.

(Htp: Bruno Waterfield)


Anonymous said...

I may or may not agree with the content of this post. But the words "politeness" and "respect" still mean something to me, and I guess that if the guys at CER have different views from yours this doesn't entitle you to treat them the way you are doing here.
It may not mean much to you, but with this you loose a reader.

Open Europe blog team said...

"Lose" a reader shurely.

"Utter Rubbish" is fairly polite to be honest.