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Thursday, August 14, 2008

A stab in the back

Wowser. Strong views from this euro-think-tank.

Rainer Plassmann, Secretary General of CEEP, comments as follows:

“The Irish NO is a stab in the back for democracy, subsidiarity, solidarity and stability within the European Union and not too conducive for economic growth and Europe’s position in a globalised world. "


"4 million Irish put the remaining 495 million EU citizens into trouble. Is that democratic? According to the present rules: Yes! Is that ingratitude or haughtiness? Those categories do not exist in politics. But the Irish might have only expressed what many other European citizens also feel. The “NO” is no wonder since an EU without a European press, without integrating personalities, without committed national politicians, in other words without a European identity, cannot be more than just an economic zone. "

Should we say good-bye to the single market? No, but without the legitimating political instruments of the Lisbon Treaty it will be much more difficult to face and to mitigate the consequences of globalisation in Europe.

Aren't you taking this a bit hard?

"There is no alternative to the general approach of the Lisbon Treaty. Therefore, Member States and European politicians should not surrender to agony but go on designing European policy in the spirit of this Treaty, i.e. creating a climate of political and social progress and economic strength. Europe is, no doubt, a success story - and Ireland itself is proof of that."

This has to tick most of the boxes of europhile anti-Ireland rage.

Stab in the back... ingratuitude... no alternative... no surrender... Froth, froth etc.

Somebody needs a stressball and a calming chai latte.

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