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Monday, September 22, 2008

It's a Conspiracy! (part II)

MEPs are to investigate claims that Libertas, the Irish group that campaigned successfully against the Lisbon Treaty, is some sort of CIA-backed front.

Nostalgic student revolutionary Prominent MEP Daniel Cohn-Bendit said in a statement that if these allegations are proved correct, "this would clearly show that there are forces in the United States willing to pay people to destabilise a strong and autonomous Europe. If this can happen for the treaty vote, it raises grave concerns for interference in next year’s European elections."

Apart from wondering why shadowy forces in Washington would have much interest in 'interfering' in the European Parliament elections in the first place, it struck us that cranky conspiracy theorizing is becoming a distinct trend amongst the pro-Lisbon crowd. We were reminded of claims back in June from French Europe Minister Jean-Pierre Jouyet that the Irish no vote was masterminded by sinister American neocons:

"Europe has powerful enemies on the other side of the Atlantic, gifted with considerable financial means. The role of American neo-conservatives was very important in the victory of the No."


Anonymous said...

...and what about the contributions of the European Movement garnered from abroad used to pay for the YES-side campaign

Open Europe blog team said...

Quite. Apart from anything else the European Movement receives around a million euros a year from the EU Commission...

Anonymous said...

Well said Paul. And given the Commission receives its funds from various European countries, how is that not interference by other countries in a democratic vote, designed to undermine a 'strong and autonomous' Ireland.

EU-philes do love their double standards. I'm loving how bitter and twisted they get when something doesn't conform to their world view. Speaks volumes about their authoritarian mindsets.