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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Lib Dem update

Nick Clegg strikes a slightly different tone than Cable.

PA reports that;

"Our position on the euro is absolutely unchanged," Mr Clegg said.

"We believe that when the time is right Britain should enter the euro,
that decision should be taken on the back of a recommendation by us
subject to a referendum of the British people.

"Is it a debate for now? No. I think it's off the radar screen."

The party leader also said that groups of countries around the world
were looking to consolidate currencies as a system of "safety in
numbers" at a time of economic volatility.

Er? Which countries exactly?

And why does a common currency become a better idea in volatile times? Tell that to the ECB, as they try to do the monetary splits to please both Germany and the countries of the periphery. Good luck with that.

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