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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

EU kicks off 'circus campaign'

The European Commission has launched what it calls an "EU circus campaign" to "raise awareness of social rights".

According to the press release:

During 2009, cities across Europe will be staging circus-themed events about social rights. The campaign is inspired by “social circus”, an educational movement that uses circus arts as a teaching tool to help troubled youths. For example, the theatre company involved in the event in Lisbon works with school dropouts.

It strikes us that a circus theme is quite appropriate for the EU Commission's increasingly bizarre PR efforts. We're less convinced however, that it is going to do much to close the gender gap. According to the Commission the impetus behind the circus is:

When it comes to social protection, the EU has some of the strongest laws on the books. But many Europeans don’t know their rights and so don’t exercise them. For example, women continue to earn 15% less than men and are less likely to have top jobs. The EU is striving to close this gender gap, however, people must be made aware of their rights first.

Check out the animated campaign videos:


Anonymous said...

For circus read propaganda, the eu is wasting our money trying to prove that it has any value at all, but as no one now believes that it is anything other than a corruption ridden, democratically deficient gravy train for politicians, no one believes a word they say.

Anonymous said...

I like the campaign. And money spent educating people on rights at work is well spent.