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Thursday, February 12, 2009

EU takes credit for domestic bliss

Can't resist posting up this new Commission page we've only just come across: "What the EU has done for you in 2008." It went up just days before Open Europe published its research on the EU's taxpayer-funded campaign for hearts and minds.

It begins:

What the EU has done to improve Europeans' daily lives.

The big day has finally arrived. The house has been scrubbed and decorated. The whole family is here. Mum and dad have finally been able to take some time off. And they're out in the kitchen, making sure that everything is just right. Dinner's bubbling away on the stove, and the kids are tearing into their presents while grandma and grandpa – fresh in from Spain for the event – look on fondly.

You wouldn't know it, but the EU helps make happy, festive scenes like this possible. Cleaning products have become safer to use and less harmful to the environment thanks to the new legislation on chemical substances. Better food labelling means mum and dad know exactly what they're serving up for the family. And they can relax and let the children play because the EU makes sure that toys sold in Europe are safe. But that's not all. Thanks to EU efforts, temporary workers now enjoy paid leave, just like permanent staff. And people with reduced mobility travelling by plane enjoy the same comfort as everyone else.

And it goes on - click the link to read more.

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