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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Democracy for Breakfast

Tomorrow morning, the European Commission will plan how to 'persuade' the Irish people to vote yes to the Lisbon Treaty in a second referendum, using €1.8 million of taxpayers' money.

Libertas, the group behind the successful 'No' campaign in the first referendum, which will fight in the European elections, will mark the occassion by mourning the death of democracy.

You can join them at the entrance of the Commission building at 8.45...

1 comment:

We Change Europe said...

EU: E-Votes for Europeans are possible: "http://www.we-change-europe.eu"
The EU does not give its citizens a voice. The Europe needs Initiative association recognizes this as a threat to the Union's future. “We Change Europe” are convinced that it is time to take initiative and to invigorate the concept of a European Citizens' Democracy.

"We Change Europe" wants to offer the opportunity of getting involved into the process of political decisions made in the EU. Therefore they created an E-Voting tool and the possibility to promote political aims in form of paneuropean initiatives.

The Europeans are enlarging their Union.
The Europeans elect their President.