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Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Greek potato farmers have launched an advertisement campaign in Sweden aimed at luring Swedes into buying more Greek potatoes - which is extremely odd given how many potatoes are already grown in Sweden (a lot!). Lately, Swedes have received random brochures in their mailboxes describing how great potatoes are, apparently using strangely awkward language - prompting suspicions that the original text has been translated into Swedish using Babel Fish.

That the potato (boiled not fried) has been a central part of Swedish cuisine for the last 200 years seems to have escaped the campaigners.

Who could fund such a thing?

You guessed it! The EU's Common Agricultural Policy, as confirmed by Commission spokesman Michael Mann.

In response, Swedish potato farmers have launched their own tit-for-tat campaign - using money from the exact same CAP funds.

Utterly bizarre. You must admire these people for their amazing creativity in coming up with new ways to waste taxpayers' money...

Hat tip: brilliant member of the Swedish Riksdag Karl Sigfrid and Swedish blogger HAX.


Anonymous said...

Coming soon from the EU Commission:

Greeks urged to buy Swedish olive oil
French urged to buy Czech cars
Irish urged to buy Portuguese debt

Any more ideas?

Anonymous said...

what a circus :/