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Friday, November 20, 2009


See here for Open Europe's reaction to the outcome of yesterday's EU summit.

According to the Telegraph the UK's Cathy Ashton was told at 5pm yesterday that she had been put forward for the job. Two hours later she had bagged the job and was celebrating with the other EU leaders, with Jose Barroso handing a Rubiks cube to Sweden's Fredrik Reinfeldt to congratulate him for engineering the whole stitch-up.

Can anyone remember the Laeken Declaration, the original impetus behind the original EU Constitution, which later became the Lisbon Treaty? It talked about bringing the EU decision-making process closer to its citizens. What a terrible joke that has turned out to be.


Anonymous said...

Once again the electorate has been stiffed!

fekete said...

Unelected and incompetent.Also, noone under the age of 50 has been able to vote about what was the Common Market,now it is a dictatorship!We have no choice about who says what is "good" for our respective countries: we are living under a dictatorship that Hitler and Mussolini could only dream of!

Fight for a vote!

Anonymous said...

Drip....drip....drip, can you hear it? The rights of the British people to self determination, slowly but surely disappearing down the EU toilet. How in God's name have we allowed this; why do we now sit on our hands, why are we not on the streets of our once great Nation?

The inactivity of my countrymen is astonishing.

Anonymous said...

I quote, 'French newspaper Le Monde described the possible appointment of Michel Barnier to the post as comparable to "entrusting the surveillance of a chicken coup to a fox." (28 July 2009)'. Misguided trust sure would be a coup for the fox, but he is more likely to see the chickens in a coop. There is no hope for the EU until we all speak the same language, English.

janefinn said...

Secretive and undemocratic just about summs up the EU. I would be surprised if anyone was surprised.

Anonymous said...

its pretty obvious that these two appointees are the choices of both
germany and france, who, after all
have a long standing desire to lead
the E.U.devotees into the hazy mists of the unknown but never
suprising next episode in the life of the ever expensive E.U.MAFFIA.
These two leaders? desired people
who would be easily manipulated to
their will,as,i might add started in 1933.remember ADOLPH. MR Blair would have been a more of a challenge to their ideas,love him or hate him, he would have been a more formidable opponent,To them.

Anonymous said...

van Rompuy may, as Sarcozy said, be a strong personality but the facts remaiN: NEITHER HE NOR CATHY ASHTON WAS APPOINTED BY A DEMOCRATIC PROCESS.



Joe Bloggs said...

Its time to leave this circus, the very thought of the way they manipulate, scheme, bully and dictate is nauseaus to say the very least and I for one do not wish another penny to be spent on their greedy self benefitting selves.

Lets roll back things to when it was just a common market place or better still pre common market...what happened? how did they take over every breathing second of our lives, they bully us now from cradle to grave....and what really smarts is that I never had a Vote on any of it.

Cass said...

450million people in the EU, and these two numpties "elected" by just 27. And they have the sheer nerve to declare that the EU is a democratic organization.
The EU is rotten to the core, and WILL eventually collapse due to massive civil unrest all over Europe. The sooner, the better.

Anonymous said...

Is this Democracy? Many of us - not necessarily anti-EU per se - are angry to have another layer of government foisted on us. We also have far too many MPs in Uk now that so much legislation is handed down from Brussels. How long before a revolution?

Anonymous said...

How can the our three major political parties all want to carry on being members of this morally bankrupt and undemocratic self perpetuating bureacracy. A plague on them.

Anonymous said...

Nuf Said,

Sounds like another fine mess Gordon has got us into. Mind you,
he is unelected, undemocratic and
incompetent. But what does he care.
Gone are the days when any politician believed in anything other than their next job.
anon again

Anonymous said...

The sooner were'e out of this undemocratic crowd, the better!