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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The coalition government must stand up for EU reform

In the Telegraph today, we argue:

Europe is in desperate need of reform in order to become more democratic, economically dynamic and modern. The Con-Lib government has the potential to become a powerful force for such reforms. But it must have the courage to stand up for these changes both abroad and at home. In the end, this would benefit Europe, Britain and the coalition itself.
Read the full article here.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Here's what Hague said in an Irish Times article of 17 May:

"In a speech last November, Prime Minister David Cameron set out how we intend to... make the EU more accountable... by negotiating for specific British guarantees on the Charter of Fundamental Rights, the operation of the EU’s competence in criminal justice and on social and employment legislation. We have been very clear that the purpose of these measures is not to frustrate or sabotage the operation of the EU but to put Britain’s role in the union on a more positive footing."

Can you see anything about the CFR or social and employment legislation in the coalition agreement released on 12 May, or even the one released on 20 May? So why was Hague on 17 May referring to such "measures"? He's a slippery eel and no mistake.