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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

How could the 'referendum lock' be given teeth?

Over at the Spectator's Coffee House blog, we're taking a look at how the Coalition's referendum lock on further transfers of power to the EU could be given real teeth. The lock, which was announced yesterday, has come under criticism from Tory backbenchers for being too little too late.

However, we argue that if the Coalition takes a strict interpretation of 'transfer of powers', the referendum lock could actually prove significant.

Read our take on how this can be achieved here.


Anonymous said...

There is a relatively simple answer:

Get out of the EU altogether and right away. Almost every week we hear of new liberties being taken by the EU and its elite.

Its a blot on the landscape and that's putting it mildly. Get out of the EU completely and NOW.

Anonymous said...

load of nonsense, we should just get a referendum on membership now, this referendum lock immediately looks easy to get round, i doubt it will serve for anything. It's nothing more than a gesture to eurosceptics but one thats worth nothing

Paul Voce said...

There is only one solution to stop any more transfers of power to the EU. That is withdrawel. Will the non-entities of parliament ever listen to the people and give us a referendum? Please do not hold your breath

J.A.Hutchinson said...

Never mind a referendum lock on FUTURE transfers of power , lets have a simple referendum on the EU itself,ie ,do we want to be a member of this corrupt organisation or , do we come out completely , saving billions of pounds stirling , and rule our own lives by our own means and have unrestricted world wide trade , which we are not allowed to do under the EU law.