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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

How should the UK government respond to EU Treaty change?

We take another look at this question over on the Spectator's coffee house blog. With the risk of sounding repetitive, we argue,
Rather than instinctively reaching for the veto, David Cameron should back Merkel’s demands, in return for the repatriation of powers to the UK, along the lines of the original Tory election manifesto. This package could then, possibly, be put to a public vote, and be turned into a genuine referendum on EU reform. The net effect of a new EU treaty would then be fewer powers for Brussels and more for Westminster.
On his blog, the ever-insightful Charles Crawford also has some very interesting things to say about German calls for EU treaty change and the nature of EU diplomacy more generally. He argues,

Do Germany's leaders really think that they can force through this time round a "narrow" Treaty change which gives them enough of what they want by way of financial protection and does not open up all sorts of other clamorous demands?

Or do they know that that is more or less impossible, hence they are pushing for Treaty changes as part of a wider agenda aimed at deliberately prompting a manageable (they hope) mini-crisis which will allow them to redefine the way the European Union works, but on (mainly) German terms? If that means wielding a fierce Teutonic axe on many beloved EU schemes and letting other countries squeal, so be it.

What, I wonder, is the government in London making all this?

In principle this situation represents a huge opportunity for cynical but pragmatic British influence aimed at forcing out great quantities of EU rubbish -- and cutting the bill to British taxpayers.

Question is, have the Coalition folks put on their thinking caps?

Do watch this space...


Sappy from Sidmouth said...

We have yet to see if David Cameron is going to yet again back away from any promise to stand up to Europe or if we are to have any chance of conserving OUR money for OUR needs --- ,here and we have many needs here in UK.

Anonymous said...

The very notion that Westminster will have more powers is condemable on the basis that no Government Minister has the authority to reduce the Sovereignty imparted into our British Government without the full and unambiguous authority of the British People.

Any referendum on the EU in Britain will only satisfy the people if it is on an IN or OUT basis; the troubles in Northern Ireland will be something small in comparison if the political classes don't waken up to the fact that there 'socialist dreams' will come tumbling down.

Anonymous said...

I am sick and tired of reading about how the EU is seeking to further its own ends and to increase its budget and to tax individual so-called 'citizens' (who probably didn't want to be'citizens' in the first place)! We know all that. LET's GET OUT! NOW!

Anonymous said...

The UK Government must take every possible opportunity to recover UK sovereignty from the EU, to put a block on the utterly profligate commission ( the budget increase, wasteful visits to Strasburg, exorbitant payments to ex-commissioners are just a few) & to defend the UK's rebate.

The Government MUST be prepared to strongly make the case repeatedly for these defences of UK interests & tough it out with the BBC & the UK left-wing press on these vital positions.

Anonymous said...

Surely David Cameron has a strong case in rejecting the Lisbon Treaty since Brown was never elected prime minister and had no authority to sign the treaty and by reneging on a referendum had no mandate from the people of UK.
More info, A Blair gave up British rebate & A Darling committed us billions to bail out the euro, response from EU "God help England if there is a run on sterling, we won't" With friends like these for God's sake get us out of this unholy quango.

Anonymous said...

Its good to stay informed about what these weasels are up to, but all said and done we must GET OUT NOW. The plan is creeping power grabbing - they are Fabian Socialists.