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Thursday, January 20, 2011

More on the referendum lock

Some more from us on the referendum lock...

On Conservative Home, Open Europe chairman Lord Leach argues in favour of tweaking the EU Bill to strengthen democratic controls over the key areas of EU law that we've highlighted.

We also have a piece on the Spectator Coffee House blog.

Just one quick additional thought: the "more or less EU" choice that the Coalition will face in 2014 potentially involves some 100 or more EU laws and measures. The Government must decide to either accept or reject these en bloc. 100 laws! Imagine if the government had to decide in one go whether to adopt 100 domestic laws, regulations and measures. And if we then were told that this was not going to be debated in Parliament...?

You can see why this choice matters and the EU Bill needs to be amended to allow for this to go through Parliament.

When will this register in Westminster?


Jeff Parkes said...

I'm sure that there will be no 'water tight' bill. There are always designer loopholes in most pieces of legislation as evidenced by the number of amendments attempted for almost all papers.
In this way the leadership can claim to be doing one thing whilst being prepared to do another. Shame on the coalition for trying this sleight of hand on such an important matter as this.

sceptic3 said...

I cannot see them doing anything that will inhibit further EU encroachment.