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Tuesday, May 03, 2011

From tomato sauce with pasta to Honorary German

Bild, Germany’s largest newspaper, yesterday came out in support of Mario Draghi’s candidacy for the role of ECB President, proclaiming him to be a “Honorary German Citizen”.

Clearly they don’t do things by halves…

In February Bild screamed "Mamma Mia!" over the thought of an Italian running the German currency. They claimed: “For Italians, inflation is a way of life, like tomato sauce with pasta.”

We’d expect that it won’t be too long until Merkel publicly comes out in support of Draghi (given that neither Sarkozy nor Bild would have supported him without her private approval).

To be honest, he’s been the only real candidate for a while – in terms of both skills and personality – but the fact that it took so long for an established professional, and the right man for the job, to overcome the massive stereotypes in Europe might say something about so-called EU unity… the picture doesn’t help either.

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