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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

"The EU wants to solve the problems caused by centralisation by further centralisation"

If you think that Europe's toughest economic hawks sit in Frankfurt or dwell within Ifo - the flagship German econmic institute - think again. In fact, the German hawks have nothing on some economists and politicians in Slovakia - the tiger of Central Europe.

Peter Gonda, an economist at the Conservative Institute of M. R. Štefánik and lecturer of economics at the Comenius University in Bratislava, wrote today:
"The euro rests on an inappropriate understanding of EU integration. The common market requires real competition and the absence of barriers to free exchange. Not centrally managed harmonisation of terms and a common currency. The irony is that the EU wants to solve the problems caused by centralisation by further centralisation. The debt crisis in the Eurozone is an excuse to pursue fiscal and political union. The Slovakian parliament could reject the EFSF 2, which is an instrument for supporting moral hazard and fiscal irresponsibility at taxpayers’ expense. Slovakia should consider leaving the Eurozone or the EU altogether should the EU bring further problems in terms of freedom and prosperity for our country."


Sheona said...

Right on, Slovakia! Let's hope this common sense is contagious.

Anonymous said...

I'm afraid that we wont be able to stop this EFSF 2 even if many ppl would like to.
Reason is that even if SAS party (they say NO) wont bend under possible blackmail by other parties in goverment to vote for yes , opposition red socialist (smer) will vote for it in the end I think. Therefore there will be enough votes for it to pass.

Rollo said...

A slight misunderstanding by the worthy Mr Peter Gonda. The fall of the Eurozone is not the excuse for closer fiscal and governmental integration: that was the purpose of setting up the Old Euro, and bringing in all these non qualifying weak countries. It was always intended that they should get into trouble, and thereby force closer integration and EU rule. The problem is, because none of the perpetrators of this crime knew what they were doing, no-one realised what an almighty failure it would be.

Will Podmore said...

Why 'ouch'?
We should all leave the EU.