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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Catching depositors in your web

What's the best way to stop a bank run? Well, ask Bankia. According to Spanish business daily Cinco Días, The Spanish bank - which is set for a multi-billion state bailout - has launched an initiative called "The amazing Spiderman".

The plan is to convince Bankia's youngest depositors not to pull their money out as things are looking a bit shaky, by providing some impossible-to-resist incentives. First, any customer that can muster an account balance of €300 or more by the end of May will get a Spiderman themed beach towel. As if that wasn't enough, a lucky few winners will also be in line for:
  • A trip to New York;
  • Twelve PlayStation Vita consoles;
  • 1,050 tickets for the new movie, "The amazing Spiderman" - with 50 of the tickets to the very première.
The winners will be announced on 12 June.

And we were just starting to worry about the reported €31.44bn drop in  private Spanish bank deposits last month. This should sort it...

1 comment:

Jon Moore said...

rumour has it that they've hired a well-known brand consultancy which came up with the new name...........Arachnya...because once in their web, you can never get out; just look at the shareholders.