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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

EU Constitution deal - the UK position?

More nuggets from the Fabian conference, this time from Charles Grant, who has played an influential role in developing New Labour's EU policy.

Grant suggested that the Government is looking to give up control of Britain's borders once it has introduced ID cards:

"I have heard British officials say that when we in Britain have ID cards then Britain would benefit greatly from joining Schengen and abolishing passport controls."

He was then asked what he would propose as a compromise package on the Constitution. He said:

"I would propose being practical and sign up to something that Gordon Brown could be persuaded to agree to. Basically the key for me is not to transfer new powers to the EU. I think that Britain will not accept more QMV unless they can opt-out of it."

He also said that the UK Foreign Office is very keen to see the introduction of an EU Foreign Minister, EU Diplomatic Service and EU President. He stressed that "they won't accept the Charter of Fundamental Rights, that is an absolute no... the British government will never sign up to that. It's got to be a pretty mini-IGC [Inter-Governmental Conference] to get the British on board."

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Anonymous said...

What department of the CIA do you work for?