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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Mandelson to launch new pro-euro campaign

From the "pro-European declaration":

If Labour is to provide answers for Britain to the new challenges of social justice and globalisation, the present Euro-hostile, or ‘Euro-indifferent’ mood needs to be challenged and turned round.

Pro-Europeans need to rally a broad swathe of British civil society for a more constructive approach to Europe: environmentalists and Green campaigners; trade unionists, fighters for equal pay and against all forms of discrimination; consumer activists and health campaigners; the women’s movement; church and development NGOs and campaigners to promote trade justice, combat AIDS and end world poverty.

We intend over the coming months to work with these groups to establish a new Civil Society Forum for Europe that will determine how a positive approach to British membership of the
European Union can be planned and articulated. It will be a genuinely bottom up campaign involving grassroots activists throughout Britain. We believe a powerful new case can be made on the basis of these new arguments for a stronger Europe to meet the challenges of globalisation.

[we love the idea that a load of cabinet ministers and European Commissioners think they are in a position to start a "genuinely bottom up campaign". More fantasy politics...]

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